Prince of Belgium Mr.Emmanuel de Merode, procurement executives and engineers Mr.Gastout Mr. Verleyen  , they come to visit our company to learn more about the company's technology and product advantages.  They appreciate our prompt delivery and high quality of the cable required of Virunga National Park project  aid by EU at Congo. Our chairman Mr. Hongliang Guo,and  Mr Haichao Lee  ,general manager of the foreign trading received  and accompanied the visit.

To allow our guests fully understand the strength of the company,Mr Guo has  described in detail to the guests our cables within the country and worldwide sales, customer cooperation, operating mode, factory construction and development, the General Lee has expressed  our exception of a  further cooperation projects between the two sides. Mr  Guo  and Mr Lee led the guests visited the production workshops, laboratories, research centers, and on the issues raised by the guests gave a detailed answer.

During the visit, the guests  appreciated our production completed of the first order  : low voltage power cables, medium voltage power cables, overhead insulated cables and aluminum cable .They recognized our cable production, technology and quality assurance capabilities.  They are full of confidence for our  future cooperation  , and the have invited us to the Secretary for Belgium and Congo Virunga National Park to inspect.